Weeds Management

To diversify flora and fauna within forest so that life cycle and food chain of wild life can be augmented.

Places: Tulshi lake, Mafco, SGNP
State: Maharashtra


  • Inedible Wild Plants consume more water
  • Lack of food causing declining population of herbivores
  • Reduction in dependent carnivores animals


  • Conservation of animal edible plants
  • Flourished Herbivores population
  • Increased Carnivores population
  • Sustained ecological balance in forest
Weeds Management
402 Acres


More about Weeds Management

Growth of weeds is a common phenomenon observed in jungles. These weeds consume large amount of water thereby reducing growth of other plants. Also, these weeds are inedible to herbivores, resulting in drop of their population. As a result, due to insufficient food, carnivores face challenge for survival and, often attack on nearby human establishments. At large, it imbalances forest food chain.

Weeds Management program aims at eradication of inedible plants thereby augmenting forest food chain and building sustainable living environment for surrounding human establishments.