Well Cleaning

To clean the wells for providing clean and safe drinking water to citizens.

Places: Khalapur(Chichwali, Mahad, Tarwadi), Nagaon(Ambivale), Satara
State: Maharashtra


  • Poorly maintainted wells.
  • Unhygienic water supply
  • Dieseases caused by contaminated water
  • Low level of water


  • Helped to provide clean and safe water
  • Hygenic water supply
  • Prevented diseases caused by contaminated water
  • Increased water levels

Overall Statistics

Garbage Clean(Tonnes)


More About Well Cleaning

Water is the basic necessity of life but if the drinking water is not pure, it can lead to various diseases. Because of human apathy towards this fact the various wells remained unclean and some of them have even changed into garbage bins. With the Nobel cause of providing clean and pure water for drinking purpose Dr. Shree Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan has undertaken well, dams & lakes cleanliness campaign in various parts of the country. This mammoth task was undertaken with the help of the villagers.

Under this campaign wells, dams & quarries of the respective villages were cleaned, the soil, mud was removed with the participation of local people. Due to this the underground water stream were cleaned leading to supply of fresh water to these streams, increase in the water level & water storage capacity of wells & dams. Now these villages are able to get fresh drinking water & are able to utilize the unused natural sources instead of depending on the water tankers to fulfill their needs.