Sludge Removal of Ranavli Dam

Dr. Shri Nanasheb Dharmadhikari Pratisthan organized a sludge removal from to Ranavli Dam to increase the stogare capacity of the dam.

Places: Ranavli Dam, Taluka Shriwardhan
State: Maharashtra
Date: 14 th to 18 th May 2015


  • Unhealthy atmosphere
  • Increased environment pollution
  • Spreading diseases


  • Helping clean atmosphere
  • Reducing environment pollution
  • Reducing the diseases
Cleanliness Drive
42,000 Brass
Slug Removed
11.8 L litres
Incresed Capacity


More About Sludge Removal Drive

In accordance with the letter bearing outward No. 17 of 2015-16 issued by Pratishthan Office, dated 07th May 2015, the Chief Engineer, Irrigation Department, Raigad, Kolad had accorded sanction vide letter No. RAPAVI/PRASHA-1/2244/2015, dated 8th May 2015 to Dr. Shri Nanasheb Dharmadhikari Pratisthan , Revdanda for removal of sludge from Ranavli dam in Shriwardhan Taluka during the period from 14th May to 18th May 2015 and has successfully completed the same by courtesy of Pratishthan

The removal of sludge drive was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of President of Shriwardha Nagar Parishad. Mrs. Pratibha Kangane. Former President Mrs. Kavita Satnak, President of Transport Association Mr. Prashant Shinde and Darshan Vichare were also present at the time of inauguration. Revenue staff along with the province officer of Taluka Shriwardhan also contributed their one day in this campaign. Assistant Police Inspector Mr.Dhondaga and other staff of police department showed overwhelming response with active participation in this drive.

Due to removing slug from Ranavli Dam, dimensions have become 60 meter wide, 600 meter in length and have height of 2.5 meter. Totally 2500 volunteers of Pratishthan had been working from 14.05.2015 to 18.05.2015 for removing sludge. 102 dumpers which carried 1286 rounds, 14 Iva trucks which carried 178 rounds while 15 tractors which carried 303 rounds. Over all 42,000 brass of slug was removed.

The drive helped in improved storage capacity of the dam by 1.18 million litres of water while its depth has increased by 1 foot. This will supply water to residents of Shriwardhan as well as 25,000 to 27,000 people living in the outskirt area. Almost 16 acres of farming land will be fertile and brought under irrigation. In the future, villagers will not face water shortage.