Water Recharge

Every year the ground water level decreased causing droughtful conditions. It is very inportant to plan the Water Recharge activities in more scientific manner. Pratishthan conducts the "Water Recgarge" activities helping conservation of excess surface water. It also helps combat progressive reduction of groundwater levels.

Places: Solapur
State: Maharashtra


  • Low water availability
  • Unable to fulfill future requirement
  • Low quality of ground water


  • Increased water availability
  • Helping to fulfill future requirement
  • Improved quality of ground water
Water Recharge

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More about Water Recharge

Groundwater is recharged naturally by rain or by surface water i.e. rivers and lakes. Use of groundwater on daily basis reduces the groundwater level, It becomes inefficient to fulfill the current and future water requirements. This creates the droughtful conditions. The droughtful condition becomes worst in low rainfall areas making human live very difficult. And hence it is important to maintain the groundwater level.

The work by Pratishthan

Water Recharge helps conserving the surface water resulting into increased groundwater level. Dr. Shri. Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan carry out such unique activities every year at different places. The major work is carried out using manpower helping human being healthier.