Surajya Foundation "Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar"

Dr. Shri Dattatreya Narayan alias Appasaheb Dharmadhikari Back

Dr. Shree Appasaheb belongs to an illustrious family tradition. The legacy of spreading social awareness is in the family from many generations. Shree Appasaheb has carried this responsibility of social awakening incessantly for the last four decades with absolute selflessness. His guidance on awareness is based on teachings of saint’s literature. Shree Appasaheb has successfully generated a consciousness in society through his social awareness. His method of implementing social awakening is beyond common understanding.

Dr. Shree Appasaheb through such awareness in men and women has accomplished innumerable goals of social reformation. The feelings of equality of religions and brotherhood have been generated within men and women by arousing an immense potential within everyone, through such potent teachings. Everyone was made aware of the potential consciousness lying dormant within. Dr. Shree Appasaheb’s method in doing so is perfect and unmistakable. On the basis of this awareness men and women learnt the lesson of a disciplined conduct. Each member realized the bliss of humanitarian existence obtained by the purity and cleanliness of a human conduct. Such blissful existence is a practical experience for everyone in everyday life.

The happiness born out of such experience is beyond any comparison. Surajya Foundation, Warnanagar, Kolhapur, a service oriented institution humbly took note of Dr. Shree Appasaheb’s work. Such achievements are a result of extraordinary efforts. The institution ttook a humble decision of honouring this great accomplishment of Dr. Shree Appasaheb. This institution made elaborate arrangements, at the sprawling venue of Ujalaiwadi, on 17th February 2009, for the huge and grand programme. At this venue Dr. Shree Appasaheb was given the newly instituted first award of “Surajya Foundation Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar” at the hands of Shree. Vilasji Kore, Hon. Minister, Non-conventional energy and horticulture. The award consisted of a cash of rupees five lakh, a memento, a shawl, a coconut and a bouquet. Dr. Shree Appasaheb received the citation attired in a graceful special Kolhapuri turban. The chairperson of Surajya foundation Shree. N.H. Patil was chiefly present on this occasion.