Raigad Bhushan Puraskar 2003-04

Dr. Shri Dattatreya Narayan alias Appasaheb Dharmadhikari Back

The ancestors of Dr. Shri Appasaheb were honoured by the Maratha rulers around 350-400 years ago with the title of "Dharmadhikari" which was to be used as their surname at the King's behest. This work of social awareness for which he was so honoured by the rulers then, did not stop there but till date is being handed over as a legacy to every generation. It is still continuing in Revdanda without interruption. Maharashtra Bhushan Dr. Shri Nanasaheb took inspiration, from the works of Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami, 65 years ago. He propagated saintly teaching through his preaching amongst the masses belonging to all categories of society. It is like a creeper planted by him that has been growing all these years. To let it grow, expand and bloom with flowers and fruits of happiness and contentment in it, Dr. Shri Appasaheb has been working for its progress for the last four decades through his invaluable and unparalleled contribution. He has succeeded in propagating the everlasting and universal truth through social awakening in order to eradicate those causes that are leading the world towards disaster.

He has accomplished the aim of rooting out blind faith, dowry system, exploitation of women, various addictions, harmful customs and traditions, hero worshipping, discrimination in society, untouchability and so on. In the same way through the medium of oral preaching the preservation and cultivation of human values and moral conduct leading towards national integration is being done by inspiring awareness and through awakening. This work is being done incessantly, and without any financial assistance or grant from outside. Dr. Shri Appasaheb has brought laurels to the district of Raigad through his praiseworthy work. In recognition of this great work benefiting the masses Dr. Shri Appasaheb was honoured with the very first newly instituted award of Raigad Bhushan Puraskar on Tuesday 17-02-2004. This was done at the hands of Hon’ble Chairman of Vidhan Sabha, Maharashtra Arunbhai Gujrathi in the presence of Shri Suniliji Tatkare, state minister urban development who presided over the function and also in the presence of Sow. Apeksha Karekar, President, Raigad Zilla-Parishad. A shawl, coconut, citation and a memento were presented to Shri Appasaheb. The grand and festive programme was arranged on a huge ground of 75 acres at Khanav Taluka, Alibag. To witness this programme from close quarters people started flocking to the site 24 hours before the actual day of the function. On the day of the function the entire ground was filled up to capacity. The ground was a sea of human beings. The people had come all the way to grace the occasion. They were immensely benefitted by Dr. Shri Appasaheb’s teaching.