Felicitation and Presentation of citation - Thane Municipal

Dr. Shri Dattatreya Narayan alias Appasaheb Dharmadhikari Back

Every time the dawn breaks the light and heat of the rising sun spreads a message of hope and happiness, promising an end of the darkness the world has experienced till now. In much of a similar way Dr. Shree Appasaheb Dharmadhikari of Revdanda, Taluka Alibag, District Raigad is one such person who has enlightened the minds and hearts of innumerable men and women liberating them from the darkness of ignorance.

The citizens of Thane will be ever greatful to this great person of our times for enhancing the value of culture of this city. Shree. Eknathji Shinde’s keen sight did not escape the contribution made by Dr. Shree Appasaheb’s efforts in moulding the citizens of Thane. A decision to felicitate Dr. Shree Appasaheb Dharmadhikari was taken by him on behalf of Thane Muncipal corporation. The felicitation was held under the gleam and glamour of an eye catching ceremony on Sunday 18th December 2011 at Bhaindarpada, Kasa Khandavali on Ghodbandar highway. It was a huge land admeasuring 100 acers. Hon’ble Shree. Udhavji Thakre, Working President of Shivsena presided over the function that was held in the presence of 10 to 12 lakhs persons. Amidst ceremonial sounds of drum beating supported by trumpet sound and fire-crackers together with the music of police band joining the applauding sounds of clappings Dr. Shree Appasaheb was felicitated at the hands of Hon’ble Shree Uddhavji Thakre, by presenting him with a Shawl, Shriphal, a garland and a Citation. Hon’ble Shree Eknathji Shinde honoured him by presenting a memento.